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A debug interface for embedded systems development on Linux
Open-source, licensed under the LGPLv3

Debug Embedded Systems

Bloom implements user-space device drivers to gain access to a number of microcontroller targets. An interface to the connected target is exposed via a GDB Remote Serial Protocol (RSP) server. Any IDE with GDB RSP client capabilities can, via the interface, gain access to the connected target for debugging operations.

GPIO Pin Insight & Manipulation

As well as a GDB RSP debug server, Bloom provides a GUI for insight of the target's GPIO pin states, along with the ability to manipulate them with a single click. Simply click on an output pin to toggle it HIGH/LOW. This is only available when execution on the target has been halted.

The Insight window supports QFP, QFN, SOIC and DIP package variants.

Support for EDBG-based Debug Tools

MPLAB Snap (in AVR mode)
Power Debugger
Power Debugger

Bloom supports most EDBG-based debug tools. Support for the MPLAB PICkit 4 is being considered. See the GitHub issue for more.

Built For CLion

Although Bloom can interface with any GDB RSP client, it was built for CLion. CLion's integrated debugger offers a range of useful debugging functions, many of which become available for embedded development when used with Bloom. Conditional breakpoints, evaluating expressions, memory view & manipulation, inline values, and much more.

For instructions on configuring CLion to interface with Bloom, see Debugging embedded systems with CLion and Bloom