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Getting Started With Bloom

Installation - Debian package

Bloom can be installed via the provided Debian package. Download the package and run the following command:

$ sudo apt install /path/to/bloom-package.deb

Any debug tools that were connected during the installation of Bloom may need to be disconnected and reconnected, due to the udev rule changes made during the installation.

Distribution via RPM package in consideration

We are considering supporting the installation of Bloom via an RPM package. Work will begin on this once evidence of demand emerges. To express demand for this, please add a comment or reaction to the corresponding GitHub issue (GitHub account required).

Udev rules

This step can be skipped if Bloom was installed via the Debian package

Bloom requires a set of udev rules to be installed on the host machine before it can access any debug tools. If Bloom was installed via the Debian package mentioned above, the udev rules should have already been installed, and thus this step can be skipped. Installation of the udev rules can be confirmed by running:

$ ls -al /etc/udev/rules.d/99-bloom.rules

The 99-bloom.rules file should be a symlink to the original file included in the Bloom installation directory.

If Bloom was not installed via the distributed Debian package, the required udev rules can be installed by either running Bloom with root privileges, on a single occasion, or by manually creating the symlink for the rules file.

To manually create the symlink, run the following command:

$ sudo ln -s /opt/bloom/resources/UDevRules/99-bloom.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/

With the above command, Bloom's installation path is assumed to be "/opt". Be sure to change this before running the command, if required.

Any debug tools that were connected during the changing of udev rules may need to be disconnected and reconnected (for the new udev rules to be applied).

Project configuration

You should now be ready to configure your project with a project configuration file. See Configuration for more.


Questions can be raised on Bloom's GitHub discussions page (GitHub account required). Please feel free to submit any questions or feedback via a new discussion.