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Supported Targets

Currently, Bloom only supports targets from Microchip's AVR 8-bit family.

Bloom was designed to accommodate targets from different families and architectures. Support for other target families will be considered as and when requested.

Supported AVR 8-bit targets

The generic "avr8" target configuration value cannot be used in conjunction with the JTAG or UPDI physical interfaces.

Target name Target signature Configuration value
ATtiny406 0x1e9225 "attiny406" or "avr8"
ATtiny4313 0x1e920d "attiny4313" or "avr8"
ATtiny2313A 0x1e910a "attiny2313a"
ATtiny2313 0x1e910a "attiny2313"
ATtiny1614 0x1e9422 "attiny1614" or "avr8"
ATtiny261 0x1e910c "attiny261"
ATtiny261A 0x1e910c "attiny261a"
ATtiny861 0x1e930d "attiny861"
ATtiny861A 0x1e930d "attiny861a"
ATtiny441 0x1e9215 "attiny441" or "avr8"
ATtiny212 0x1e9121 "attiny212" or "avr8"
ATtiny13 0x1e9007 "attiny13"
ATtiny13A 0x1e9007 "attiny13a"
ATtiny806 0x1e9324 "attiny806" or "avr8"
ATtiny45 0x1e9206 "attiny45" or "avr8"
ATtiny202 0x1e9123 "attiny202" or "avr8"
ATtiny1627 0x1e9428 "attiny1627" or "avr8"
ATtiny24A 0x1e910b "attiny24a"
ATtiny24 0x1e910b "attiny24"
ATtiny461 0x1e9208 "attiny461"
ATtiny461A 0x1e9208 "attiny461a"
ATtiny804 0x1e9325 "attiny804" or "avr8"
ATtiny1604 0x1e9425 "attiny1604" or "avr8"
ATtiny1617 0x1e9420 "attiny1617" or "avr8"
ATtiny1626 0x1e9429 "attiny1626" or "avr8"
ATtiny404 0x1e9226 "attiny404" or "avr8"
ATtiny1607 0x1e9423 "attiny1607" or "avr8"
ATtiny841 0x1e9315 "attiny841" or "avr8"
ATtiny84A 0x1e930c "attiny84a"
ATtiny84 0x1e930c "attiny84"
ATtiny814 0x1e9322 "attiny814" or "avr8"
ATtiny167 0x1e9487 "attiny167" or "avr8"
ATtiny44 0x1e9207 "attiny44"
ATtiny44A 0x1e9207 "attiny44a"
ATtiny1634 0x1e9412 "attiny1634" or "avr8"
ATtiny414 0x1e9222 "attiny414" or "avr8"
ATtiny43U 0x1e920c "attiny43u" or "avr8"
ATtiny1624 0x1e942a "attiny1624" or "avr8"
ATtiny48 0x1e9209 "attiny48" or "avr8"
ATtiny417 0x1e9220 "attiny417" or "avr8"
ATtiny3216 0x1e9521 "attiny3216" or "avr8"
ATtiny214 0x1e9120 "attiny214" or "avr8"
ATtiny828 0x1e9314 "attiny828" or "avr8"
ATtiny807 0x1e9323 "attiny807" or "avr8"
ATtiny3217 0x1e9522 "attiny3217" or "avr8"
ATtiny85 0x1e930b "attiny85" or "avr8"
ATtiny1616 0x1e9421 "attiny1616" or "avr8"
ATtiny416 0x1e9221 "attiny416" or "avr8"
ATtiny816 0x1e9321 "attiny816" or "avr8"
ATtiny1606 0x1e9424 "attiny1606" or "avr8"
ATtiny402 0x1e9227 "attiny402" or "avr8"
ATtiny87 0x1e9387 "attiny87" or "avr8"
ATtiny817 0x1e9320 "attiny817" or "avr8"
ATtiny204 0x1e9122 "attiny204" or "avr8"
ATtiny25 0x1e9108 "attiny25" or "avr8"
ATtiny88 0x1e9311 "attiny88" or "avr8"
ATtiny412 0x1e9223 "attiny412" or "avr8"
ATxmega192A3 0x1e9744 "atxmega192a3"
ATxmega192A3U 0x1e9744 "atxmega192a3u"
ATxmega64B1 0x1e9652 "atxmega64b1" or "avr8"
ATxmega128C3 0x1e9752 "atxmega128c3" or "avr8"
ATxmega16A4 0x1e9441 "atxmega16a4"
ATxmega16A4U 0x1e9441 "atxmega16a4u"
ATxmega256A3 0x1e9842 "atxmega256a3"
ATxmega256A3U 0x1e9842 "atxmega256a3u"
ATxmega192C3 0x1e9751 "atxmega192c3" or "avr8"
ATxmega16C4 0x1e9443 "atxmega16c4" or "avr8"
ATxmega32D4 0x1e9542 "atxmega32d4" or "avr8"
ATxmega256D3 0x1e9844 "atxmega256d3" or "avr8"
ATxmega64A1 0x1e964e "atxmega64a1"
ATxmega64A1U 0x1e964e "atxmega64a1u"
ATxmega128A1 0x1e974c "atxmega128a1"
ATxmega128A1U 0x1e974c "atxmega128a1u"
ATxmega32C4 0x1e9544 "atxmega32c4" or "avr8"
ATxmega128B1 0x1e974d "atxmega128b1" or "avr8"
ATxmega256C3 0x1e9846 "atxmega256c3" or "avr8"
ATxmega128A4U 0x1e9746 "atxmega128a4u" or "avr8"
ATxmega64D3 0x1e964a "atxmega64d3" or "avr8"
ATxmega64A4U 0x1e9646 "atxmega64a4u" or "avr8"
ATxmega384D3 0x1e9847 "atxmega384d3" or "avr8"
ATxmega16D4 0x1e9442 "atxmega16d4" or "avr8"
ATxmega32C3 0x1e9549 "atxmega32c3" or "avr8"
ATxmega128D3 0x1e9748 "atxmega128d3" or "avr8"
ATxmega32E5 0x1e954c "atxmega32e5" or "avr8"
ATxmega192D3 0x1e9749 "atxmega192d3" or "avr8"
ATxmega64B3 0x1e9651 "atxmega64b3"
ATmega4809 0x1e9651 "atmega4809"
ATxmega128A3 0x1e9742 "atxmega128a3"
ATxmega128A3U 0x1e9742 "atxmega128a3u"
ATxmega64C3 0x1e9649 "atxmega64c3" or "avr8"
ATxmega32A4U 0x1e9541 "atxmega32a4u"
ATxmega32A4 0x1e9541 "atxmega32a4"
ATxmega128D4 0x1e9747 "atxmega128d4" or "avr8"
ATxmega256A3BU 0x1e9843 "atxmega256a3bu"
ATxmega256A3B 0x1e9843 "atxmega256a3b"
ATxmega64A3U 0x1e9642 "atxmega64a3u"
ATxmega64A3 0x1e9642 "atxmega64a3"
ATxmega128B3 0x1e974b "atxmega128b3" or "avr8"
ATxmega16E5 0x1e9445 "atxmega16e5" or "avr8"
ATxmega8E5 0x1e9341 "atxmega8e5" or "avr8"
ATxmega32D3 0x1e954a "atxmega32d3" or "avr8"
ATxmega64D4 0x1e9647 "atxmega64d4" or "avr8"
ATxmega384C3 0x1e9845 "atxmega384c3" or "avr8"
AVR128DA28 0x1e970a "avr128da28" or "avr8"
AVR64DA48 0x1e9613 "avr64da48" or "avr8"
AVR64DB64 0x1e9616 "avr64db64" or "avr8"
AVR64DB48 0x1e9617 "avr64db48" or "avr8"
AVR128DA32 0x1e9709 "avr128da32" or "avr8"
AVR32DA28 0x1e9534 "avr32da28" or "avr8"
AVR32DB28 0x1e9537 "avr32db28" or "avr8"
AVR64DD14 0x1e961d "avr64dd14" or "avr8"
AVR64DA28 0x1e9615 "avr64da28" or "avr8"
AVR128DA48 0x1e9708 "avr128da48" or "avr8"
AVR32DB32 0x1e9536 "avr32db32" or "avr8"
AVR64DB28 0x1e9619 "avr64db28" or "avr8"
AVR64DB32 0x1e9618 "avr64db32" or "avr8"
AVR32DA32 0x1e9533 "avr32da32" or "avr8"
AVR64DA32 0x1e9614 "avr64da32" or "avr8"
AVR128DB48 0x1e970c "avr128db48" or "avr8"
AVR64DD28 0x1e961b "avr64dd28" or "avr8"
AVR64DA64 0x1e9612 "avr64da64" or "avr8"
AVR64DD20 0x1e961c "avr64dd20" or "avr8"
AVR32DB48 0x1e9535 "avr32db48" or "avr8"
AVR128DB64 0x1e970b "avr128db64" or "avr8"
AVR128DB32 0x1e970d "avr128db32" or "avr8"
AVR32DA48 0x1e9532 "avr32da48" or "avr8"
AVR128DA64 0x1e9707 "avr128da64" or "avr8"
AVR128DB28 0x1e970e "avr128db28" or "avr8"
AVR64DD32 0x1e961a "avr64dd32" or "avr8"
AT90USB1287 0x1e9782 "at90usb1287"
AT90USB1286 0x1e9782 "at90usb1286"
ATmega406 0x1e9507 "atmega406" or "avr8"
ATmega325P 0x1e950d "atmega325p"
ATmega325PA 0x1e950d "atmega325pa"
AT90CAN128 0x1e9781 "at90can128" or "avr8"
ATmega88 0x1e930a "atmega88"
ATmega88A 0x1e930a "atmega88a"
ATmega164PA 0x1e940a "atmega164pa"
ATmega164P 0x1e940a "atmega164p"
ATmega88P 0x1e930f "atmega88p"
ATmega88PA 0x1e930f "atmega88pa"
ATmega48A 0x1e9205 "atmega48a"
ATmega48 0x1e9205 "atmega48"
ATmega16A 0x1e9403 "atmega16a"
ATmega16 0x1e9403 "atmega16"
ATmega1284 0x1e9706 "atmega1284" or "avr8"
ATmega256RFR2 0x1ea802 "atmega256rfr2" or "avr8"
ATmega645 0x1e9605 "atmega645"
ATmega645A 0x1e9605 "atmega645a"
ATmega32C1 0x1e9586 "atmega32c1" or "avr8"
AT90PWM216 0x1e9483 "at90pwm216"
AT90PWM316 0x1e9483 "at90pwm316"
ATmega169A 0x1e9411 "atmega169a" or "avr8"
ATmega64RFR2 0x1ea602 "atmega64rfr2" or "avr8"
ATmega4808 0x1e9650 "atmega4808" or "avr8"
ATmega325 0x1e9505 "atmega325"
ATmega325A 0x1e9505 "atmega325a"
ATmega168PA 0x1e940b "atmega168pa"
ATmega168P 0x1e940b "atmega168p"
ATmega32U4 0x1e9587 "atmega32u4" or "avr8"
AT90USB646 0x1e9682 "at90usb646"
AT90USB647 0x1e9682 "at90usb647"
ATmega6490 0x1e9604 "atmega6490"
ATmega6490A 0x1e9604 "atmega6490a"
ATmega644A 0x1e9609 "atmega644a"
ATmega644 0x1e9609 "atmega644"
ATmega1280 0x1e9703 "atmega1280" or "avr8"
AT90CAN32 0x1e9581 "at90can32" or "avr8"
ATmega649A 0x1e9603 "atmega649a"
ATmega649 0x1e9603 "atmega649"
ATmega644RFR2 0x1ea603 "atmega644rfr2" or "avr8"
ATmega64C1 0x1e9686 "atmega64c1" or "avr8"
ATmega169P 0x1e9405 "atmega169p"
ATmega169PA 0x1e9405 "atmega169pa"
AT90PWM1 0x1e9383 "at90pwm1"
AT90PWM2B 0x1e9383 "at90pwm2b"
AT90PWM3B 0x1e9383 "at90pwm3b"
ATmega6450 0x1e9606 "atmega6450"
ATmega6450A 0x1e9606 "atmega6450a"
ATmega128 0x1e9702 "atmega128"
ATmega128A 0x1e9702 "atmega128a"
ATmega3290P 0x1e950c "atmega3290p"
ATmega3290PA 0x1e950c "atmega3290pa"
ATmega3250A 0x1e9506 "atmega3250a"
ATmega3250 0x1e9506 "atmega3250"
ATmega128RFA1 0x1ea701 "atmega128rfa1" or "avr8"
ATmega1284RFR2 0x1ea703 "atmega1284rfr2" or "avr8"
ATmega164A 0x1e940f "atmega164a" or "avr8"
ATmega16U2 0x1e9489 "atmega16u2" or "avr8"
ATmega2564RFR2 0x1ea803 "atmega2564rfr2" or "avr8"
ATmega48PB 0x1e9210 "atmega48pb" or "avr8"
ATmega329P 0x1e950b "atmega329p"
ATmega329PA 0x1e950b "atmega329pa"
ATmega162 0x1e9404 "atmega162" or "avr8"
ATmega165PA 0x1e9407 "atmega165pa"
ATmega165P 0x1e9407 "atmega165p"
ATmega32M1 0x1e9584 "atmega32m1" or "avr8"
ATmega324P 0x1e9508 "atmega324p" or "avr8"
AT90PWM161 0x1e948b "at90pwm161" or "avr8"
ATmega16U4 0x1e9488 "atmega16u4" or "avr8"
ATmega3250PA 0x1e950e "atmega3250pa"
ATmega3250P 0x1e950e "atmega3250p"
ATmega32A 0x1e9502 "atmega32a"
ATmega32 0x1e9502 "atmega32"
ATmega324A 0x1e9515 "atmega324a" or "avr8"
ATmega88PB 0x1e9316 "atmega88pb" or "avr8"
ATmega329 0x1e9503 "atmega329"
ATmega329A 0x1e9503 "atmega329a"
ATmega16M1 0x1e9484 "atmega16m1" or "avr8"
ATmega168 0x1e9406 "atmega168"
ATmega168A 0x1e9406 "atmega168a"
ATmega2560 0x1e9801 "atmega2560" or "avr8"
ATmega324PA 0x1e9511 "atmega324pa" or "avr8"
ATmega1608 0x1e9427 "atmega1608" or "avr8"
ATmega64A 0x1e9602 "atmega64a"
ATmega64 0x1e9602 "atmega64"
ATmega48PA 0x1e920a "atmega48pa"
ATmega48P 0x1e920a "atmega48p"
ATmega649P 0x1e960b "atmega649p" or "avr8"
ATmega328P 0x1e950f "atmega328p" or "avr8"
AT90USB162 0x1e9482 "at90usb162" or "avr8"
AT90CAN64 0x1e9681 "at90can64" or "avr8"
ATmega324PB 0x1e9517 "atmega324pb" or "avr8"
ATmega328 0x1e9514 "atmega328" or "avr8"
ATmega64M1 0x1e9684 "atmega64m1" or "avr8"
ATmega1609 0x1e9426 "atmega1609" or "avr8"
ATmega6490P 0x1e960c "atmega6490p" or "avr8"
ATmega128RFR2 0x1ea702 "atmega128rfr2" or "avr8"
ATmega2561 0x1e9802 "atmega2561" or "avr8"
ATmega644PA 0x1e960a "atmega644pa"
ATmega644P 0x1e960a "atmega644p"
ATmega1281 0x1e9704 "atmega1281" or "avr8"
AT90PWM81 0x1e9388 "at90pwm81" or "avr8"
ATmega165A 0x1e9410 "atmega165a" or "avr8"
ATmega3209 0x1e9531 "atmega3209" or "avr8"
AT90USB82 0x1e9382 "at90usb82" or "avr8"
ATmega808 0x1e9326 "atmega808" or "avr8"
ATmega3290A 0x1e9504 "atmega3290a"
ATmega3290 0x1e9504 "atmega3290"
ATmega6450P 0x1e960e "atmega6450p" or "avr8"
ATmega645P 0x1e960d "atmega645p" or "avr8"
ATmega8U2 0x1e9389 "atmega8u2" or "avr8"
ATmega168PB 0x1e9415 "atmega168pb" or "avr8"
ATmega1284P 0x1e9705 "atmega1284p" or "avr8"
ATmega640 0x1e9608 "atmega640" or "avr8"
ATmega3208 0x1e9530 "atmega3208" or "avr8"
ATmega32U2 0x1e958a "atmega32u2" or "avr8"
ATmega328PB 0x1e9516 "atmega328pb" or "avr8"
ATmega809 0x1e932a "atmega809" or "avr8"