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Download Bloom

Bloom is only available on GNU/Linux.

Debian, Pacman and RPM packages can be downloaded below. Other package formats will be considered as and when requested by users. To request another package format, or another build for a specific architecture, please raise an issue at https://bloom.oscillate.io/report-issue (GitHub account required).

Stable version: 0.11.1

The packages available below contain a prebuilt binary.

To build Bloom from source, follow the instructions in the README.md, in Bloom's source repository.

For change logs and previous releases, see https://bloom.oscillate.io/releases.

Installing Bloom

Bloom can be installed via one of the commands below. Substitute [PATH_TO_BLOOM_PACKAGE] with the path to the downloaded package.

Any debug tools that were connected during the installation of Bloom may need to be disconnected and reconnected, due to the udev rule changes made during the installation.

Debian package (.deb)

$ sudo apt install [PATH_TO_BLOOM_PACKAGE].deb;

Pacman package (.pkg.tar.zst)

$ sudo pacman -U [PATH_TO_BLOOM_PACKAGE].pkg.tar.zst;

RPM package (.rpm)

$ sudo yum localinstall [PATH_TO_BLOOM_PACKAGE].rpm;

Upgrading Bloom

To upgrade Bloom, remove the old and install the new:

Debian package

$ sudo apt remove bloom; $ sudo apt install [PATH_TO_BLOOM_PACKAGE].deb;

Pacman package

$ sudo pacman -R bloom; $ sudo pacman -U [PATH_TO_BLOOM_PACKAGE].pkg.tar.zst;

RPM package

$ sudo yum remove bloom; $ sudo yum localinstall [PATH_TO_BLOOM_PACKAGE].rpm;